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Cumming Into Her Own Ch. 01

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As Wendy finished putting on her make-up she admired herself in the mirror. The cute18 year-old blonde staring back at her had a mischievous smile. She knew she looked good. She wasn t a rail-thin supermodel and didn t want to be. They always looked so drugged out. Wendy was a petite firecracker built to have fun. Though only five feet tall she had curves in all the right places. And curves that stopped guys in their tracks. She stepped back from the mirror and let her hands run down the sides of her pink cashmere v-neck sweater that strained to contain her full 36DD breasts. As her hands continued down her body she smoothed out the black mini-skirt that barely covered her full round ass. She had short powerful legs like a cheerleader though she never had much interest in being a pom-pom girl. Wendy had always gone with the flow. A sweet easy-going demeanor ensured she had plenty of friends. Ever since her body developed guys had paid her plenty of attention but she had always kept most of them at bay. She certainly was interested in guys but had never met one who bowled her over and she had always managed to resist the urge to just give in to her more basic instincts. She had hooked up with a few guys here and there - let them feel up her big tits and fumble in an attempt to get into her pants - but she had always put a stop to it before it had gone too far. Not that she didn t want a guy to step up though. She heard stories from her older sister Ashley and longed for a real man to show her what the pubescent high-school boys had so far failed to demonstrate. She put the last dab of lipstick on and knew she was ready. Tonight she was headed over to a house party with a girlfriend of hers Tracy. Tracy s brother attended the local college and he and some friends were throwing a party. Wendy was looking forward to hanging out with some older kids. Having grown up with a sister four years older than she Wendy had gotten used to being around older kids and seemed more comfortable with them than with her own peers. She heard a horn honk and ran down the steps. She yelled goodbye to her mom and headed out the door. She jumped in Tracy s car and they giggled and told each other how good they looked. Tracy was about 5 5 a cute brunette with C-cup breasts. She had a tight ass that she enjoyed showing off by wearing tight low-cut jeans. They got to the party and noticed that a crowd had already begun to form. As they walked in Tracy s brother Tim walked up with one of his buddies Rick. Tim had known Wendy since she was a kid and gave her a hug. He introduced Wendy to Rick and Wendy felt a warm flash wash over her. Rick was handsome in that college-rugged kind of way. A little over 6 feet tall broad shoulders athletic build. He was wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt and Wendy noticed his strong arms and flat stomach. Rick smiled a broad white smile and shook Wendy s hand trying not to stare at the deep cleavage in her v-neck. Tracy went off with Tim to meet some other friends and Rick asked if Wendy wanted a drink. Sure she said with a smile and Rick put his arm lightly around her back and walked her to the den. The crowd was laid back and the music was playing at a moderate volume in the back-ground. Wendy appreciated that the crowd was simply enjoying themselves rather than acting as if they had been let out of a cage like they did at her high-school parties. Rick went over to the makeshift bar and made a couple of drinks. Wendy stood and admired his broad shoulders and the muscles in his back as they rippled under his t-shirt. They sat down on a couch and talked for a while. Wendy was thrilled to be having a normal adult conversation and the drinks were helping her relax. She was completely focused on Rick and found herself running her fingers up and down his forearms. After a little while Rick leaned over and whispered in her ear Come on follow me. Without hesitation Wendy obeyed his command and got up and followed Rick through the crowd. They walked up the stairs stepping around and between the crowd. Wendy did not know where they were going and was surprised that she didn t even care. They walked down a hall and into a bedroom. Rick closed the door behind them. He walked over and turned on some music and a blacklight. Sit down over on the bed honey. I ll be right there he said. Wendy did as she was told sitting on the edge of the bed crossing her legs and smoothing her skirt on her smooth tight thigh. Rick fumbled in a drawer for a second and then came over with what looked like a cigarette and a lighter. Want to smoke with me? he asked. Wendy had never gotten high before. She had heard her sister talk about it but had never had the urge to try it. She wasn t against it or for it
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